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Canary Square is the rustic yet refined neighborhood spot known for enjoying classic American cuisine with a creative culinary twist. Warmly furnished with a bar of reclaimed wood and chairs made from recycled material, owners Michael Moxley and Jim Cochener have created an inviting, eco-conscious setting designed for Jamaica Plain residents and beyond.

Our kitchen offers a wide range of savory dishes prepared with locally grown seasonal ingredients available at both the bar and main dining area. Featuring an extensive wine, beer and cocktail selection, Canary Square is the perfect local spot for a quick bite and drinks or a leisurely dinner. For hours and directions, view our location page.


Canary Square is proud to provide guests with a cozy, eco-friendly spot to eat, drink, and relax. Not only does Canary Square practice sustainability, but owners Michael Moxley and Jim Cochener make it easy for guests to partake in their green philosophy. A large bike rack sits outside the restaurant offering guests an alternative way to get to the restaurant while reducing their carbon footprint. Once inside, Canary Square’s rustic décor serves as an example of how recycled goods can be transformed into something new and chic. Sip on delicious cocktails at Canary Square’s beautiful 30 seat bar crafted entirely of reclaimed wood while sitting on chairs made of recycled bottles. Canary Square even features a chair made of 111 recycled Coca-Cola bottles, called the 111 Navy Chair.

Canary Square is named after William Canary. Canary was a Jamaica Plain resident who served in the 101st Infantry Division, and lost his life at St. Mihiel, France, September 12th, 1918.